NOW’s new ad campaign tells consumers how they benefit from the company’s extensive product testing


The campaign’s tagline is “NOW. 19,000 reasons to feel good spending less.”

Photo from NOW

Photo from NOW

NOW (Bloomington, IL) has launched a new ad campaign explaining to consumers the benefits of the brand’s extensive product testing. The campaign tells consumers about the high number of product tests NOW conducts each month—19,000 tests per month.

The new campaign, “NOW. 19,000 reasons to feel good spending less,” follows an ad campaign NOW kicked off last year promoting “how NOW provides quality supplements without the premium price.” That campaign, designed with help from creative agency Hanson Dodge, appealed to shoppers facing economic strain.

By following that campaign with the new ad campaign focused on product quality and testing, NOW is emphasizing to shoppers that it not only provides affordable products but products whose quality and purity are carefully vetted. The campaign is rolling out in video, print, social media, and out-of-home outlets.

“Many supplement brands make quality claims, but NOW didn’t just want to tell people; we wanted to illustrate it clearly,” said Amber Cerda, NOW’s director of marketing, in a press release. “The images used are intended to jolt people into understanding the magnitude of the quality of NOW products—to see the great lengths NOW goes to ensure its products are the highest quality.”

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