NOW makes Certificates of Analysis for its 100%-pure essential oils visible to consumers


The company is now making CofAs for its line of more than 90 100%-pure essential oils available for consumers to view on its website.

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NOW has started publishing all of the Certificates of Analysis (CofA) for its line of more than 90 100%-pure essential oils online for consumers to view. The company is now publishing the CofAs at the website

On the site, CofAs are searchable by lot number and show “the results of quality testing that each essential oil has undergone, confirming that it adheres to its product specifications and NOW standards,” the company’s press release states.

The goal of sharing CofAs is part of NOW’s ongoing commitment to transparency, the company says. It says it is already working to expand the CofA sharing to other NOW products. “Transparency has always been a priority for NOW, and we’ve continually raised the bar,” said Katie Banaszewski, NOW’s senior director of quality, in the press release. “The logistical challenges of making these CofAs public are significant, but we’re pleased to have achieved this first milestone in showing consumers the data behind our quality claims.”

As for the company’s essential oil blends, those do not have CofAs because “they are mixtures of multiple pure essential oils combined at specific ratios,” the company explains. “The identity and purity of each pure essential oil is confirmed prior to blending. The essential oil blends are only evaluated for physical properties, such as specific gravity and sensory, to ensure precision of the blending procedure.”

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