Novastell launches soy lecithin and sunflower lecithin granules


Novastell has launched a range of lecithin granules for use in food and beverage applications.

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Novastell has launched a range of lecithin granules for use in food and beverage applications. Both derived from vegetal sources, Soycithin G97 IP is a traditional soy lecithin that is a non-GMO and fully traceable, while Suncithin G96 is made from sunflower lecithin; also non-GMO and allergen-free. 

“As a complex mixture of phospholipids and polar lipids, lecithin can either present as a fluid or solid, depending on its composition,” explained Eric Dumont, scientific and technical manager at Novastell, in a press release. “This means that there is added flexibility and application choice during the formulation of food and beverage products.”

In fluid form, lecithin contains about 40% oil as triglycerides, however when the residual fraction is removed, deoiledlecitin is in powder form that can then be processed into granules. Lecithin granules can be used as a dietetic supplement in salads and dairy products as it offers a light vegetal and nutty taste when added.

Phospholipids are an essential building block and component of a healthy metabolism that work in the gut and help digest fats as well as in the active assimilation of several active and important nutrients.

“Phospholipids are the best physiological carriers for nutrients like choline and inositol, and for minerals such as phosphorous and unsaturated fatty acids,” Dumont said. “Furthermore, the choline in in phosphatidylcholine, which is the major phospholipid in lecithin, is essential for the metabolism of the brain, liver and kidneys.”

According to Novastell, a teapoon (5g) of lecithin granules will supply about 3 g of the daily phospholipid required by the body.

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