Nordic Naturals’ high-potency, multi-benefit Nordic Flora Probiotics line debuts in Sprouts stores


The Nordic Flora Probiotics products target concerns like immune, digestive, and women’s health.

Photos from Nordic Naturals

Photos from Nordic Naturals

Nordic Naturals announced that its Nordic Flora Probiotics line is now being sold at Sprouts. The high-potency Nordic Flora Probiotics products target concerns like immune, digestive, and women’s health. They are available in the refrigerated section in more than 375 Sprouts Farmers Markets nationwide.

The Nordic Flora Probiotic Immune Health supplement blends 15 probiotic strains, providing 60 billion cultures per capsule, to support a healthy immune response, enhance intestinal barrier function, and promote immune cell responsiveness, the company says.

The Nordic Flora Probiotic Maximum Care supplement supports both immune and digestive health. The product is high in colony-forming units (CFU), blending 11 probiotic strains and providing 90 billion cultures per capsule. “The Maximum Care probiotic positively affects the immune system both directly and indirectly by alleviating intestinal bloating while promoting gastrointestinal comfort and regularity,” the company’s press release states.

Finally, the Nordic Flora Probiotic Women’s Balance supplement is designed to help maintain a healthy vaginal microbiome while supporting the microbes naturally present in the gut. It is a blend of 12 probiotic strains, including the highly researched Lactobacillus acidophilus NCFM probiotic strain, and contains 60 billion CFU per capsule.

“Factors like stress, aging, diet, environmental toxins, medications, and a sedentary lifestyle can lead to less abundant bacteria and diversity,” the company states. “Maintaining a healthy balance of these bacteria is important for immune and digestive function, skin health, cognition, mood, and much more, which is why probiotic supplementation is so essential.”

Sprouts is also now featuring the line’s Nordic Flora Prebiotic Powder in its stores’ refrigerated sections.

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