New Weight-Management Ingredient Combines 3 Herbal Spices


The new Slimvance Core Slimming Complex from PLT Health Solutions brings together turmeric, drumstick leaves, and curry leaves in a single formula.

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PLT Health Solutions (Morristown, NJ) is rolling out a new weight-management ingredient that now has two human clinical trials backing its potential for reducing body weight and waist circumference. The new ingredient, Slimvance Core Slimming Complex, combines the herbal spice ingredients turmeric (Curcuma longa), drumstick leaves (Moringa oleifera), and curry leaves (Murraya koenigii).

In its clinical research, including a human clinical trial completed in 20121 and a new human clinical trial scheduled for publication later this year, Slimvance was found to deliver statistically significant weight loss in as little as two weeks. Seth Flowerman, executive vice president of PLT Health Solutions, explains that this particular combination of herbs was chosen for the Slimvance formula because it showed the most potential for weight-management support.

“The synergistic combination of three spice extracts that constitute Slimvance were selected from hundreds of different herbs examined using sophisticated screening techniques,” Flowerman says. “They were studied to assess their ability to work synergistically to inhibit fat accumulation and promote the breakdown of fat in mature fat cells.”

In the 2012 study, 50 obese men and women aged 27–50 consumed either 900 mg/day of Slimvance or a placebo for eight weeks, in addition to maintaining a calorie-controlled diet and a 30-minute walking exercise routine five times per week for the duration of the study. Researchers observed significant net reduction to body weight and body mass index (BMI) in the Simvance group at the end of the trial period.

More recently, in a study PLT plans to see published before the end of 2016, a healthy population of overweight men and women consumed Slimvance or a placebo for 16 weeks. Statistically significant weight loss began after two weeks of Slimvance supplementation, and by the end of the study, the Slimvance group lost nearly 12 lbs of total weight loss and 2 inches in waist circumference, on average, according to PLT. These findings are especially noteworthy considering the length of the trial and the non-obese character of the study population-which PLT hopes will resonate with a broad group of consumers.

“The subjects were of a broad age range, and were a healthy population of overweight-not obese-individuals, adding confidence to performance in the general population,” says Barbara Davis, PhD, vice president of medical and scientific affairs for PLT Health Solutions. “The length of this trial demonstrates steady, consistent weight loss starting early, and supporting long-term weight-loss success. Finally, the trial demonstrates significantly significant slimming, with a reduction in waist circumference and maintenance of lean body mass.”

In the launch announcement, PLT also provides some insight into the complex’s mechanism of action. The firm says its new ingredient works “at multiple levels by inhibiting the accumulation of fat into fat cells (lipogenesis) and enhancing the body’s ability to break down fat cells (lipolysis).”


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Michael Crane
Associate Editor
Nutritional Outlook Magazine


1.     Sengupta K et al., “Efficacy and tolerability of a novel herbal formulation for weight management in obese subjects: a randomized double blind placebo controlled clinical study,” Lipids in Health and Disease,” vol 11, no. 122. Published online September 20, 2012.

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