New Vegan Egg Substitute from Sioux Natural Designed for Baking


The plant-based Veggan is designed to work as a 1:1 replacement for eggs in baking applications.

Image provided by Sioux Natural.

Image provided by Sioux Natural.

Sioux Natural (Sioux City, Iowa) has rolled out Veggan, a new plant-based egg substitute designed to work as a 1:1 replacement for eggs in baking applications. The gluten-free Veggan is made largely from soy and rice ingredients and is appropriate for use in donuts, breads, waffles, cakes, cookies, muffins, and more.

“We are proud to offer a clean, plant-based, allergen-free egg alternative in a time where large-scale egg production can’t keep up with maintaining the health and safety of their flocks or their eggs,” said Paula Persinger, president of Sioux Natural. “Veggan is a natural choice for people avoiding animal products, allergens, and GMOs, and for the companies who’d like to make food for them while also benefitting from cost and risk reduction.”

Veggan is made from non-GMO whole soy flour, non-GMO rice and soy protein isolate, non-GMO lecithin, non-GMO partially defatted soy flour, non-GMO expeller-pressed soy oil, natural flavors, and lutein. It contains no gums or binders, according to Sioux Natural.

Aside from its vegan and allergen-free appeal, Veggan also offers a reduced cost, more stable pricing, and reduced bacterial risk compared to eggs, notes Sioux Natural.


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