New Transdermal Patches Aim for Convenient Nutrition


E-commerce brand The Refreshinq Co recently debuted transdermal patches for energy support, weight support, and vitamin-D support.

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The Refreshinq Co, a new e-commerce  that just launched in October, has rolled out two new lines of nutrition products with unique delivery systems aimed at maximum convenience. Now available online, the brand’s new transdermal patches are meant to be easier to use-and remember to use-than swallowing conventional pills, while the brand’s new packs of ingestible supplement offer a pre-selected combination of supplements in a single, daily-use package designed to streamline consumers’ daily regimen.

To start, Refreshinq says its patch products are meant to be an alternative to oral supplements and powders, and are currently available in three varieties: energy support (including guarana, green tea extract, B12, and CoQ10), weight support (including Garcinia cambogia extract, quercetin, green coffee extract, and CoQ10), and vitamin-D support. Each patch is meant to be applied to the body daily and uses a time-release technology to gradually release its nutrients over the course of 8–12 hours.

“Using a transdermal patch, nutrients can be delivered directly into the bloodstream through the layers of the skin to the absorptive dermal layer,” explained Hannah Cross, pharmacist and Q crew member for Refreshinq, in a recent blog post. “This direct absorption allows for smaller concentrations of nutrients to accomplish the same goal as a much larger dose of oral product. By releasing vitamins throughout the day, the patch system has minimal side effects and gives your body what it needs when it needs it.”

Aside from the convenience factor, the patches may also be a solid option for consumers who experience nausea and are therefore looking to avoid pills altogether.

Additionally, Refreshinq also recently debuted its supplement packs, which are pre-packaged combinations of ingestible supplement capsules and soft gels aimed toward specific health-support needs. Currently available in formulations for stress support, blood-sugar support, workout and recovery, and multivitamin replenishment, each pack is meant to be taken daily. Refreshinq also offers a Customizinq Pack, which allows users to create their own mix of ingredients that meets their health needs. Refreshinq adds that pharmacists are available on live chat at its website to help consumers make their selections.

“With both pre-packaged and Customizinq Pack options, there’s no daily sorting of all the supplements you want to take, making it convenient to maintain your health and wellness,” Cross said. “Additionally, it’s easy to keep to your vitamin regimen for the best results. Do away with multiple bottles and pill counting. Grab a daily pack, throw it in your bag, and take it with you on the go.”


Editor's note: article revised at 10:35 a.m., November 16, to remove reference to "supplement patches." 


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