New Supplement Delivers the Focus and Mental-Energy Benefits of Citicoline

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Focalis is a stimulant-free dietary supplement produced in a partnership between Focalis and Uniwell Laboratories.

With everyone from students and athletes to professionals and parents looking to improve their mental focus without crashing as they do after using energy drinks, caffeine and sugar-packed supplements, Focalis-a stimulant-free dietary supplement produced in a partnership between Focalis (New York City) and Uniwell Laboratories (Dallas)-arrives at an opportune time.

Noted Focalis founder Joe Villatico in a press statement, “Focalis is an innovative, daily focus supplement that delivers unparalleled results.” According to the statement, those results run from improved mood and energy to enhanced memory and alertness.

Per the statement, in contrast to supplements packed with “chemical-sounding” ingredients, Focalis achieves its effects via three clinically proven actives, each targeting a key aspect of mental performance: huperzine A, which breaks down the neurotransmitter acetylcholine in a process that the company claims helps prevent dementia symptoms; whole green coffee powder, which delivers caffeine steadily throughout the day; and Cognizin, a patented form of citicoline manufactured by Kyowa Hakko Bio Company, Ltd. (New York City).

A nutrient found throughout the body but particularly important to brain health, citicoline has demonstrated an ability to support alertness and boost energy levels. In clinical studies, its proprietary Cognizin form appears to contribute to mental energy, focus, attention and recall, perhaps by helping stimulate electronic impulses, maintain healthy neurons and protect them from free radicals. Kyowa Hakko manufactures Cognizin via a patented fermentation process that ensures high quality and purity in the finished product. The ingredient is also highly stable, allergen free and GRAS for use in functional formulations.