New Sports Nutrition Antioxidant Ingredient Protects Muscles, Firm Says


The ingredient comprises a minimum of 30% polyphenols, 8% vitamin E, and 1% zinc, Seppic says.

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France-based ingredients supplier Seppic introduced a new ingredient for sports nutrition called Sepifit Protect at this May’s Vitafoods Europe trade show. According to the company, the ingredient is suited for both pre- and post-workout formulations and addresses both muscle recovery and performance.

Sepifit Protect is a proprietary, synergistic antioxidant blend of polyphenols, vitamins, and minerals, the company says. More specifically, the ingredient comprises a minimum of 30% polyphenols, 8% vitamin E, and 1% zinc, Seppic says, adding companies using it can boast claims such as “Vitamin E and zinc contribute to the protection of (muscle) cells from oxidative stress.”

The firm says Sepifit Protect addresses cellular damage caused by intense or prolonged exercise, some of which leads to tangible effects like decreased strength or increased muscle soreness and fatigue. By providing antioxidant protection, the ingredient “helps optimize performance and recovery, thanks to its synergistic antioxidant action on muscle cells,” the company explains.

The company is still in the process of finalizing its scientific dossier for the new ingredient, says Sebastien Merchet, nutrition business development manager, North America, Seppic. However, the firm says it has in vitro data based on a proprietary model that mimics physical exercise and its effects on human muscle fibers and examines key biomarkers of muscle fatigue and damage. According to the company, “The combination of antioxidants present in Sepifit Protect significantly and greatly reduces the release of lactate and interleukin 6 (IL-6) induced by exercise. It also significantly prevents the decrease of intracellular creatine kinase (CK) activity induced by exercise.”

Moreover, the company alleges, the effects of Sepifit Protect are due to the synergistic combination of ingredients, stating that the ingredients alone do “not show a protective effect on all the three biomarkers” that Sepifit Protect does-namely, IL-6, CK, and lactate.

The company says the ingredient is supplied in powder form for tablets and capsules, as well as stick packs and bulk powders for instant drinks. It is recommended at a daily dose of 135 mg/day.


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