New protein ingredients address sensory, manufacturing challenges of protein extrusion for bakery, snack food


Glanbia’s new additions include BarPro 100/120 milk protein concentrate, BarFlex 100 whey protein concentrate, Crunchie milk protein bites and crisps, and Crunchie whey protein crisps.

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Glanbia Nutritionals (Chicago) has introduced a suite of new protein ingredients aimed at addressing the sensory and manufacturing challenges encountered during protein extrusion in bakery and snack food production. The company explains that proteins used in extrusion commonly present problems such as clogging the extruder, producing cereals or snacks with a dense and/or chalky texture, and resulting in flavor off-notes and a less-desirable “chew down.”

Innovations to address these challenges have been lacking, the company says. Its new launches are designed to provide formulators with solutions. The new additions include BarPro 100/120 milk protein concentrate (MPC), BarFlex 100 whey protein concentrate (WPC), Crunchie milk protein bites and crisps, and Crunchie whey protein crisps.

The new BarPro and BarFlex ingredients “were designed and optimized to deliver a less chalky, powdery, and glassy texture during extrusion than other protein products, resulting in a range of exception textures,” the company’s press release says. These ingredients can create starch-like textures (without requiring high quantities of starch), provide high levels of protein, improve manufacturing efficiencies, and require no flavor masking.

Meanwhile, Glanbia used these ingredients, BarPro 100/120 MPC and BarFlex 100 WPC, to create the new Crunchie semi-finished extruded pieces, which can be used as inclusions in bars and snacks. In addition to creating products with “an enjoyable crunch,” the inclusions lend visual appeal, provide high protein content and a starch-like texture, and require no flavor masking.

Glanbia says that its acquisition of contract food ingredient manufacturer PacMoore Process Technologies back in September 2021 has also given it new, extensive extrusion manufacturing capabilities, allowing the company to offer additional extruded shapes and sizes and extrudable plant-based proteins. Glanbia is now combining those abilities with its existing expertise in protein and bar formulation.

“Through our understanding of the intricacies involved in protein chemistry, along with its unique processing parameters, we were able to develop a range of proteins optimized to allow for better expansion within the extrusion process,” said Ashley Bacchiarello, director of product strategic management, Glanbia, in a press release.

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