New organic grape seed extract born from Indena, Alvinesa partnership


Enovita Organic is now being offered by Indena as a nutraceutical ingredient for the cardiovascular and stress markets.

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A new organic grape seed extract ingredient is the product of a partnership between nutraceutical ingredient supplier Indena (Milan) and Alvinesa Natural Ingredients, a Spain-based company long specialized in extracting grape co-products derived from winemaking. Enovita Organic is now being offered by Indena as a nutraceutical ingredient for the cardiovascular and stress markets.

Enovita Organic is a 100%-organic extract derived from Vitis vinifera seeds and complements the company’s standard Enovita ingredient. It is organic certified by Certipaq Bio in compliance with EU and USDA organic regulations.

The grape seeds for Enovita Organic come from vineyards in the Spanish South-Central region of Castilla-La Mancha. Alvinesa’s grape seeds are byproducts of the vinification process, allowing the vinification products to be upcycled sustainably. The organic farming system used to produce them excludes chemical fertilizers and pesticides. The water extraction process likewise uses no chemical solvents.

“Starting from the full compliance with the European and U.S. organic regulations, up to an environmentally friendly process based on a full upcycling approach, the botanical raw material supplied by Alvinesa allows us to offer a product fully controlled along the value chain,” explained Daniele Giavini, CEO, Indena, in a press release.

Indena added in the press release: “Grape seeds contain the highest concentration of oligomeric proanthocyanidins, which are effective antioxidants, blood glucose positive modulators, cardiovascular-friendly substances, and neuroprotective agents. A recent human study originated by Indena shows that EnovitaOrganic can modulate blood pressure in healthy people and borderline subjects, confirming the results also in people with higher cardiovascular risk. Moreover, its potential is not limited to the blood pressure control: the same study revealed that it is effective in improving mood, stress management and quality of life, in particular reducing perceived stress and worries.”

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