New Nitric Oxide Heart-Health Dietary Supplement Lets Users Test Their NO Levels


The supplement is packaged with test strips that enable consumers to asses their own nitric oxide levels before and after using the supplement.

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Nitric oxide levels are a growing area of interest in the both the cardiovascular and sports-nutrition dietary supplement categories. But are consumers catching on to the concept of nitric oxide support? A new dietary supplement could help raise awareness. Dietary supplements brand Lifes2Good (L2G) North America has launched a new heart-health supplement specifically targeting nitric oxide levels. The packaging for the new Berkeley Life Heart Health supplement specifically states that the supplement “helps support nitric oxide levels for heart health” and “may help maintain normal healthy blood pressure levels.”

According to L2G, “Berkeley Life Heart Health is the first supplement on retail shelves to deliver the benefit of nitric oxide production for cardiovascular health.” Not only that, but the supplement is also packaged with test strips that enable consumers to asses their own nitric oxide levels before and after using the supplement.

The supplement’s “NOx:BP Complex” formula contains ingredients said to stimulate nitric oxide production: beet root extract and pomegranate extract (for antioxidant support). The company says the product is “based on Nobel Prize­–winning research that shows the pivotal role of nitric oxide in cardiovascular health.” Nitric oxide is a molecule that the body produces that promotes dilation of the arteries, which in turn promotes healthy blood circulation. As L2G points out, as people age, the body produces less nitric oxide, leading to less-than-optimal heart-health conditions.

“Most people aren’t aware of how important nitric oxide is to our cardiovascular health, and we don’t regularly keep the proper diet or level of physical activity necessary to maintain a good level of nitric oxide, particularly as we age,” said James Murphy, founder of L2G, in a press release.

The product’s test strip is also instrumental in teaching consumers about the concept of nitric oxide levels. “Berkeley Test allows users to see that the Berkeley Life supplement is working to stimulate NO production,” Murphy said. “Until now, patients have had no visibility to this critical aspect of cardiovascular health. A test strip can be a first step in helping people make proactive choices to combat the number-one threat to their overall well-being-heart disease.” Users simply touch the test strip to their tongue. “In 10 seconds, a color swatch will appear that indicates current nitric oxide levels,” the company says. Users can analyze the results by matching their color swatch to a guide on the product box, or by using the company’s mobile app.

The supplement will be sold at The Vitamin Shoppe and GNC beginning this month and will expand to other nationwide retailers.


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