New Instant Drink Powders Take Mediterranean Antioxidants to Beverages


The new NutraT line of drink powders from Frutarom Health are sourced from olive, artichokes, citrus, and lemon balm.

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Frutarom Health (Haifa, Israel) is rolling out a new line of instant drink powders to bring antioxidants derived from the Mediterrean diet to a variety of beverage types. Sourced from olives, artichokes, citrus, and lemon balm, the new NutraT ready-to-use powders are water soluble and allow for clear beverages without turbidity, Frutarom says.

“The NutraT line offers water and soft drink manufacturers the ability to fortify their products with exceptional natural extracts that typically are not water-soluble,” says Maria Dolores Garcia, product manager for Frutarom Health. “This opens new opportunities to develop products with new flavors that include ingredients delivering the essence of a healthy Mediterranean diet.”

The new powders are appropriate for fruit juices, water, yogurt, kefir or milk, as well as powder-dispensing bottle caps, sticks, or sachets, says Frutarom. There are currently four powders in the NutraT line-OliveT, CynaxT, RosT, and CitroT-all of which are heat stable up to 70 °F and are certified Kosher and Halal.

OliveT offers more than 25% olive polyphenols, with a 5 g/250 ml liquid providing 43–45 mg olive polyphenols. CynaxT, a formulation derived from artichokes, offers 5% polyphenols. A 5 g/250 ml liquid shot of CynaxT provides 25 mg polyphenols, when mixed with water or another beverage.

To support a sleep aid product or "beauty-from-within" positioning, customers may want to use RosT, a high-phenolic compound that comes from lemon balm rosmarinic acid. RosT provides 50 mg polyphenols in a 5 g/250 ml dose. And for those looking for citrus bioflavonoids, CitroT provides 340 mg citrus bioflavonoids per 5 g/250 ml liquid shot.


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