New Ingredion Starches Aimed at Upping Clean-Label Cred of Refrigerated, Frozen Foods


The new Novation Prima 340 and 350 starches provide instant viscosity, process tolerance, and high stability in refrigerated, frozen, and instant foods, according to Ingredion.



Two new clean-label starch ingredients from Ingredion (Westchester, IL) are designed to provide extended shelf life for refrigerated, frozen, and instant foods. The new Novation Prima 340 and 350 starches deliver instant viscosity, process tolerance, and high stability under cold-temperature storage, according to Ingredion.

Joining the other 23 Novation functional starches available in North America from Ingredion, the two new pre-gelatinized starches offer the same shelf-life stability and functionality as traditional modified starches, Ingredion explains, but with the added benefit of a more consumer-friendly starch label.

Both Novation Prima 340 and 350 offer high freeze/thaw stability, but Novation Prima 350 also offers enhanced dispersion properties that may allow for faster production and better performance in systems with more stringent dispersion requirements.

“We continue to experience an increased demand for fresher, simpler foods in the grocer’s refrigerated case,” said Marco Villone, Ingredion’s vice president of marketing for North America. “By replacing modified food starches with Novation Prima 340 and 350, food developers now have the ability to meet consumer demand for products that keep their texture in the refrigerator or freezer, with a fresh appeal and clean label.”

Ingredion’s new functional starches are appropriate for refrigerated and frozen foods, including fruit preparations, sauces, dressings, dips and spreads, cream and fruit pie fillings, pasta fillings, marinades, instant dairy desserts, glazes, and prepared meals.


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Associate Editor
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