New Filter Plate Design Increases Filter Area by 50% with Same Footprint

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The proprietary design for filtering abrasive solids and heavy chemical loads from Herding Filtration extends the filter area from 1500 mm to 2250 mm.

Herding Filtration (Waterford, MI), a manufacturer of filtration technology and products for industrial applications including heavy chemical loads, is now offering a new filter plate design that allows for a 50% increased filter area without increasing the system footprint.

The proprietary design, which can be incorporated into Herding Delta and Delta2 filter elements, extends the filter area from 1500 mm to 2250 mm while using the same system footprint.

“Both designs feature Herding’s patented rigid sinter-plate design that provides pure-surface filtration and tolerates abrasive solids and heavy mechanical and chemical loads,” according to Herding. “Filter life of 10 years or more is not uncommon.”

The new filter plate is appropriate for use with large-scale filter plants, including Herding’s MAXX series.


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