New curcumin ingredient for RTD beverages at Vitafoods Europe

Jennifer Grebow
Jennifer Grebow

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The new ingredient, Curcugen, is said to be a 100% natural, water-dispersible curcumin ingredient.

DolCas-Tenshi Bioceuticals Inc., a new joint venture between DolCas Biotech LLC (Landing, NJ) and Tenshi Kaizen Private Ltd. (Bengaluru, India), will introduce a new, bioavailable curcumin ingredient for ready-to-drink (RTD) beverages at the upcoming Vitafoods Europe trade show taking place May 7-9 in Geneva, Switzerland.

According to the companies, the new ingredient, Curcugen, is a 100% natural, water-dispersible curcumin ingredient. “Curcugen’s patent-pending composition base is a novel-source turmeric oleoresin, rather than the 95% standardized curcuminoid material common in the supplement industry,” the companies' press release states. “The Self D platform technology”-created by a company called Olene Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd.-“optimizes the oleoresin base so that its benefits can be fully realized.” In short, the companies say, the oleoresin matrix preserves and optimizes the ingredient’s complex of curcuminoids, essential oils, and polar resins-all of which, they say, help to overcome any absorption issues typical with unformulated curcumin ingredients. The technology also helps promotes the ingredient’s dispersibility in beverages.

“Curcugen was developed using our patented SELF D platform technology,” said Somashekara Nirvanashetty, PhD, CEO and cofounder of Olene Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd., in the DolCas-Tenshi Bioceuticals press release. “It is a truly ‘disruptive innovation’ sure to redefine the curcumin landscape, allowing Curcugen to emerge as one of the leading curcumin products globally.”

DolCas-Tenshi Bioceuticals claims that Curcugen is “among the most concentrated curcumin ingredients on the market.”

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