New Cordyceps Extract Aimed at Meeting Growing Demand


Nammex Organic Mushroom Extracts says its new Cordyceps militaris mushroom extract is available as an affordable and effective alternative to the popular Cordyceps sinensis.

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As demand for the rare Cordyceps sinensis mushroom extract has risen due to its popularity in dietary supplements for sports, energy, respiratory function, and sexual health, many supplement formulators have begun looking for cordyceps alternatives to provide similar benefits at a more affordable price.

One such option may be the new, organically-certified Cordyceps militaris mushroom extracts now available in North America from Nammex Organic Mushroom Extracts (Gibson, British Columbia, Canada). While the “increasingly rare” nature of the Cordyceps sinensis supply stream has put the popular ingredient out of reach of some companies, Nammex says its new Cordyceps militaris extracts are available at an affordable price with a comparable research profile.  

“New scientific research has now demonstrated that Cordyceps militaris mushrooms have active compounds and benefits similar to, if not better than, Coryceps sinensis,” says Nammex, in its announcement.

Though some companies have turned to a different cordyceps species, Cordyceps mycelium, Nammex says its Cordyceps sinensis offers a higher level of active ingredients than the “grain-laden” Cordyceps mycelium. Nammex says it has a “reliable ongoing supply” of the new extracts, which are available in powder form to North American supplement manufacturers.


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Associate Editor
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