Nestlé Health Science partners with sustainable-dairy supplier for Carnation Breakfast Essentials nutrition powder drink mix brand


Nestlé Health Science has partnered with Royal Dairy, a farm in Washington state that focuses on reducing greenhouse gas emissions by using smart farming practices.

Photo from Nestlé Health Science

Photo from Nestlé Health Science

Nestlé Health Science, maker of Carnation Breakfast Essentials nutrition powder drink mixes, has welcomed a new partner to its supplier fold, a farm called Royal Dairy. Located in Washington state, Royal Dairy focuses on sustainable dairy practices that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The farm employs smart farming practices related to cow feed, manure management, renewable energy, and regenerative agriculture. Together, the companies aim to “show how dairy milk can be a sustainable source of nutrition,” a Nestlé Health Science press release states.

Royal Dairy farm, founded by Austin Allred, values healthy-soil practices. “Nutrient-rich manure improves soil health, which more efficiently grows feed for cows, which is then converted into nourishing milk for people,” the press release states.

The collaboration between Nestlé Health Science and Royal Dairy is part of Dairy Scale for Good (DS4G), which is part of the Net Zero Initiative created by dairy industry group U.S. Dairy. “The U.S. Dairy Net Zero Initiative is a collaboration of dairy organizations to advance research, on-farm pilots, and new market developments to make sustainability practices more accessible and affordable to farms of all sizes,” states the U.S. Dairy website.

In the Nestlé Health Science press release, Karen Scanlon, executive vice president of environmental stewardship, Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy, stated, “Through the extraordinary partnership with Royal Dairy and Carnation Breakfast Essentials, we will learn how food industry partners work together to lower barriers for greater emission reductions. What’s more, we will broadly share lessons on how to support continuous progress while offering a nutritious and sustainable dairy choice for families.”

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