Naturex shares new clinical results on whole-food iron ingredient Ultimine at SupplySide West


The ingredient is made using a patented fungal fermentation process.

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New clinical results show that Ultimine, a whole-food iron ingredient derived from the fermentation of koji (Aspergilus oryzae), releases slowly in the body for optimal bioavailability. By contrast, says supplier Naturex (South Hackensack, NJ), “most iron supplements in the market are absorbed quickly, potentially leading to iron overload.” The company will share more of these clinical results at this week’s SupplySide West trade show.

Ultimine was developed by Naturex and Cura Global Health Inc. (Aimes, IA). The companies use a patented fungal fermentation process to obtain Ultimine iron from koji. “Ultimine iron is the first generation of products within a proprietary koji fermentation platform that aims to develop whole-food nutrients with better efficacy,” said Naturex in a press release. “The second generation of products, Ultimine Multi 7, is already available on the U.S. market and provides 25% of the RDI for seven nutrients, within a small dosage.”

Learn more about these clinical results at SupplySide Booth #5157. At the show, Naturex will also highlight its heart health ingredients Aronox (aronia extract, beneficial for healthy blood pressure and cholesterol) and Sweoat (oat beta-glucan, beneficial for reducing cholesterol levels).

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