MycoTechnology discovers sweet protein in honey truffle


The company aims to develop this into a natural sweetener ingredient.

Photo © Getty Images

Photo © Getty Images

MycoTechnology Inc. (Aurora, CO), a producer of products from mushroom mycelia, says it has discovered a natural, sweet protein derived in honey truffle. This is a result of work the company has been doing to study what gives truffle its sweet taste.

“The first-of-its-kind discovery paves the way for the launch of honey truffle sweetener, a potentially game-changing alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners that could reduce global sugar consumption and build towards a healthier future,” the company’s press release states. It adds: “In identifying and isolating the sweet protein, MycoTechnology continues to leverage its advanced technology to harness the versatility of fungi and address new food system challenges.”

In the press release, Alan Hahn, MycoTechnology’s CEO, called proteins in general “widely recognized as the future of sweeteners.” The company says it already has commercial partners interested in collaborating on the newly discovered truffle protein, which the company says offers a “clean, intense natural sweetness” that is cost-competitive with sugar and absent of aftertaste. MycoTechnology says it is now working toward scaling up production and optimizing yield.

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