Mushroom-protein brand Meati Foods partners with AI firm to explore health benefits of mushroom root products


Meati Foods will use Pipa LLC’s artificial intelligence to investigate the nutrition and health benefits of its whole-food mushroom-root products.

Photo © difeng

Photo © difeng

Meati Foods (Boulder, CO), maker of whole-food protein cuts made from mushroom root, is partnering with artificial intelligence firm Pipa LLC (Davis, CA) to study the nutrition and health benefits of Meati’s products.

“The application of Pipa’s AI will accelerate Meati’s understanding of the full range of health and nutrition benefits associated with its nutrient-dense, whole-food products based on mycelium, referenced more simply as ‘mushroom root,’” Meati’s press release states.

This year, Meati Foods also formed its Meati Science Advisory Board (MSAB) which includes experts in protein, health, and nutrition from the University of California, Davis. Says the press release: “In addition to helping Meati Foods better understand the health benefits of its current products across a multitude of consumer populations and segments, the company expects the partnerships with Pipa and MSAB will enable it to define opportunities for new products combining the great taste, nutrition, and sustainability benefits of its hero ingredient.”

Meati’s Eat Meati protein cuts products are sold in grocery stores like Sprouts, Fresh Thyme, and Meijer, and in restaurants like PLNT Burger, Birdcall, and Causwells.

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