Most Americans concerned about safety of food and consumer products, NSF survey finds


And yet, few American research product claims.

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Up to 61% of Americans are concerned about the consumer products they use, according to a consumer survey conducted on behalf of NSF International (Ann Arbor, MI). The online survey was conducted in February 2019 on 1000 Americans in order to find out what concerns American consumers have related to the food, dietary supplement, personal care, and home cleaning products they buy.

Despite these concerns, a high number of consumers-up to 34% surveyed-said they rarely or never research product claims, and almost half of those surveyed (46%) said they purchased a product even if they were unsure of whether or not its product claims were valid. About 50% of respondents also said product claims are “confusing, overwhelming, or meaningless,” the survey found.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, products tested by third-party certification programs tended to be more trusted. “Across all four product categories, 85% trust independent, third-party certification organizations, and 78% trust claims made by government agencies.” By contrast, the company found, “only 32% trust claims made by celebrities and influencers.” (However, men were more likely than women to trust claims made by social media, celebrities, and influencers.)

For more findings from the report, click here.

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