Merisant Tabletop Sweetener Runs Stevia PureCircle Trust Mark

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Pure Via is made with PureCircle stevia.

Merisant, a global leader in alternative sweeteners (e.g. Equal and Canderel), is now running the Stevia PureCircle trust mark on its Pure Via stevia tabletop sweetener in France.

Unlike most of Europe’s stevia food products, which are only now entering the market, Pure Via enjoyed some earlier success in France. The natural sweetener has been available for food and beverage use in France since 2009.

Pure Via is made with stevia from PureCircle (Chicago). The product is reportedly suited for particular European taste standards. It is available in sticks, cubes, and a family-size box (80 g).

Over 100 food and beverage products around the globe are licensing with the Stevia PureCircle trust mark, according to PureCircle.