MegaFood First to License Tespo Supplement Delivery System


MegaFood will commence selling four of its current supplements using Tespo’s latest dispenser beginning fourth-quarter 2018.

Photo from Tespo

Within a year of launching its patent-pending dispenser-and-pod system-designed to make dietary supplementation easier for all-Plymouth, MI-based health and wellness technology company Tespo announces both the launch of its Tespo Licensing Program and its agreement with MegaFood (Derry, NH) to become the first licensee of the system. MegaFood will commence selling four of its current supplements using Tespo’s latest dispenser beginning fourth-quarter 2018.

According to Tespo, its system delivers supplement formulas in individually dosed 31-serving pods that let consumers take the formulas as liquids via a Tespo Dispenser, similar to a single-serve coffee appliance. Tespo claims the system eliminates pills and increases user compliance; what’s more, the dispenser fits nicely on a counter and reminds consumers to take their daily supplements.

While Tespo markets its own non-GMO and sugar-free formulas, as well as those containing no artificial dyes or flavorings, the company’s licensing program allows vitamin and supplement manufacturers to leverage the dispenser-and-pod design to give their own customers their favorite formulas in convenient liquid form.

MegaFood, a provider of whole-food dietary supplements since 1973, was the first licensee to hop aboard. “Partnering with Tespo allows us to extend our mission of improving more lives with the benefit of premium supplements delivered with whole food,” said Robert Craven, CEO, MegaFood, in a press release. “Together with Tespo we will be able to provide MegaFood to current and new consumers via this future technology and innovative delivery system.”

As for what Tespo gets out of the bargain, the licensing program promises to expand its vitamin offerings to give consumers more choices. “The launch of the Tespo Licensing Program sets the stage for our next generation dispenser, and allows us the opportunity to give our customers more supplement choices,” said Ted Mills, CEO, Tespo, in the press statement. “Last year when we launched Tespo, we set out to make supplements without fillers and sugars in liquid form to help people regardless of their age, potential health condition, or their adversity to pills. Today, we’re collaborating with MegaFood, one of the most respected brands on the market, to deliver on our promise.”

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