Maypro announces KT-11 postbiotic ingredient gains GRAS status for food and beverages in U.S.


KT-11’s safe use in food and drinks was evaluated by an independent Generally Recognized as Safe expert panel from regulatory consultant AIBMR Life Sciences.

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Ingredient supplier Maypro (Purchase, NY) announced that KT-11, a postbiotic ingredient developed by KITII Corp. (Tokyo), has been deemed Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) for use in food and beverages in the U.S. KT-11’s independent GRAS conclusion was evaluated by an expert panel from regulatory consultant AIBMR Life Sciences (Puyallup, WA).

KT-11 is a heat-sterilized strain of Lactobacillus crispatus. The companies say it has been shown to support immune health as well as periodontal health, seasonal allergy symptoms, and skin health, and that the body’s levels of L. crispatus decline with age. According to a press release, “KT-11 research has shown that a postbiotic is significantly more effective, easy to store, and both stable and suitable for varieties of delivery forms that are not possible with live bacteria.” The company notes a recent human study published in Beneficial Microbes that found that KT-11 supplementation for four weeks resulted in improvements in plaque score, reddish tinge score, swell score, and a “dramatic reduction” in P. gingivalis.

In the press release, Denis Alimonti, director of U.S. Nutrition at Maypro, added, “KT-11 is particularly exciting for periodontal health. The unmatched stability and impressive efficacy of KT-11 really sets this ingredient apart in a crowded postbiotic marketplace and gives formulators of periodontal health products an immunobiotic with strong clinical substantiation—something we see lacking in the current market.”

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