Market consultant Trendincite names “unapologetic femcare” as one of the top five trends of 2023 and beyond

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The report names five trends: holistic health, “unapologetic femcare,” social media drivers of food and beverage trends, the metaverse, and innovative scented applications.

Trendincite LLC, a marketing and trend research firm, has named its top five trends of 2023 “and beyond.” On the list are holistic health, “unapologetic femcare,” social media drivers of food and beverage trends, the metaverse, and innovative scented applications.

Holistic Health: Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, more consumers had been turning to “food as medicine,” the report notes. Today, consumers are seeking ways to support health holistically, including mental health. This is driving demand for nootropic products in cognitive health. In fact, the report quotes Innova Market Insights as stating that brain health claims are outpacing all other active-health claims in the food and beverage space (at a 12% CAGR compared to 4% CAGR, respectively, in Q1 2022). “Watch as mental health is the next evolution of functional food and beverage with a focus on mood-enhancing ingredients such as mushrooms and adaptogens,” the report forecasts.

Unapologetic femcare: Women’s health—and specifically feminine care, period health, and menopause health—are growing topics in the public consciousness. Trendincite notes a rise in innovation of “products that address hormonal changes during menstrual cycles, and products that address perimenopause and menopause symptoms.” Products are now also catering to women of all ages, making this category one to watch, it says.

Social media drives food and beverage trends: Trendincite credits social media with continuing to drive food and beverage trends. “With continual user content uploaded, it is unpredictable which food and beverages will go viral,” it adds. “Watch as social medica continues to shape food and beverage trends.”

Into the metaverse and beyond: This trend could see companies finding new ways to engage consumers, including through sophisticated virtual and IRL experiences. The report notes that “Brands and services are in the early stage of experimenting with the metaverse. They are combining both digital and physical worlds as online and offline experiences are becoming increasingly blurred.”

Food and beverage make scents: Finally, innovated scented applications are driving innovation in product formulations, the report notes. “Fine fragrance that smells of bacon, personal care that smells like cocktails, candles that smell like fast food, lip gloss that tastes like wine sauce, and nail polish that smells like cheese are just a few examples. Expect to see more entertaining limited-edition food and beverage-inspired fragrances and partnerships,” it predicts.