Marinova launches graduate program to teach students about fucoidan business


The Marinova Graduate Program is a one-year program.

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Fucoidan-ingredients supplier Marinova (Tasmania, Australia) has launched the Marinova Graduate Program to teach students the ins and outs of the fucoidan business. The goal is to “support the next generation of fucoidan experts,” the company’s press release states.

“As the world’s only producer of high-purity, certified-organic fucoidan with global regulatory acceptance, Marinova is committed to nurturing the next generation of fucoidan experts,” said Paul Garrott, Marinova’s CEO, in the press release. “Our exceptional leadership team will be mentoring our first graduate over the course of the next 12 months, providing experience across all facets of the company’s operations. Following successful completion of the program, graduates are offered a permanent role at Marinova in the area most suited to their skillset and interests.”

The first candidate taking part in the graduate program is Ellie Paine, a scientist with a PhD in seaweed science.

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