Lubrizol to launch iron gummy supplements that are more consumer and formulator friendly at Vitafoods Europe 2023


Called Lipofer, the delivery format overcomes several of the challenges formulating with iron, including taste.

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Lubrizol Life Science Health (Barcelona, Spain) will debut a new delivery form of iron at the Vitafoods Europe trade show taking place in Geneva, Switzerland, on May 9-12 (Booth D60). Called Lipofer, the plant-based gummy supplement overcomes several of the challenges of formulating with iron that can make consuming iron on a daily basis difficult for consumers. The pectin-based gummy features microencapsulated iron and is “designed to reduce iron’s reactivity while ensuring high bioavailability and minimizing side effects.”

Traditional chewable iron supplements use iron salts like ferrous fumarate, which can result in an unpleasant metallic taste, the firm says. These supplements can also have a hardened texture, unstable color, and cause side effects for the user like stomach upset and constipation.

Lubrizol says that microencapsulation protects the iron, “ensuring it remains stable throughout the formulation and manufacturing process.” In addition to being microencapsulated, Lipofer’s iron pyrophosphate is micronized to reduce particle size, helping to increase absorption and bioavailability. Lipofer also offers functional benefits for formulators, including enhanced water dispersibility and reduced interactions with other active ingredients, the firm says. “These technical advantages can enable formulators to develop more complex applications than other iron forms, resulting in lower overages and more stable products,” stated Alan Connolly, global R&D nutraceuticals manager for the Lubrizol Life Science Health’s nutraceutical business, in a press release.

“We were able to develop a fortified gummy that delivers 10 mg of elemental iron in a single dose—higher than most single supplement products in the market,” added Isabel Gómez, the company’s global marketing manager, nutraceutical business. “Most iron-fortified gummies are able to contain only 3-5 mg iron per gummy due to the metallic off-taste and other formulation challenges. With Lipofer, consumers may take the full recommended daily dose in a single, flavorful, once-per-day product.”

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