Layn adds clean-label preservatives, flavor enhancers, flavor maskers to Plantae portfolio


The Plantae by Layn line offers clean-label botanical extract ingredients for food and beverage, flavor, and fragrance applications.

Photo © Shell

Photo © Shell

Layn Natural Ingredients (Newport Beach, CA) is adding natural preservatives and flavor enhancers/maskers to its Plantae line. The Plantae by Layn portfolio offers clean-label botanical extract ingredients for food and beverage, flavor, and fragrance applications. The Plantae line now spans three categories: Plantae Preservation, Plantae Sense, and Plantae Health.

The Plantae Preservation line now offers “scientifically supported, polyphenol-rich, clean-label technological antioxidant ingredients to provide antimicrobial support and extend shelf life and preserve taste and color across a broad range of food and beverage applications,” the company’s press release states. Ingredients include SustaNX, a branded “next-generation” line of antioxidant solutions with neutral taste and color profiles, as well as extracts from rosemary, green tea, acerola, and pomegranate.

Meanwhile, the Plantae Sense line includes polyphenol-rich botanical extra ingredients that act as flavor maskers as well as sweetness and umami enhancers. They include phloretin apple extract, which acts as a sweetness and taste enhancer and a sweetness lingering masker, 2) neohesperidin bitter orange extract that can serve as a bitter masker or a sweetener/flavor enhancer; 3) hesperidin citrus extract for sweetness enhancing, 4) magnolol and honokial magnolia bark extract which serves as a breath freshener in mints and gums as well as a bitter enhancer, plus 5) naringin pomelo extract, trilobatin pomelo extract, and chlorogenic acids from green coffee bean extract.

Finally, the Plantae Health line of scientifically supported functional botanical ingredients includes instant tea extract powder, beverage premixes, and single functional botanical extracts.

In a press release, Collette Kakuk, the company’s vice president of global marketing, said, “Consumers are increasingly reading product labels and demanding more clean-label ingredients. We have responded to this demand by innovating natural solutions that effectively replace synthetic options for preservation, extending shelf life and providing antimicrobial support. Consumers are also demanding less sugar and sodium in the products they buy, which can greatly impact product flavor. Innovating and expanding our portfolio to provide more science-backed, plant-based solutions for preservation and shelf life—and taste, to include enhancers and maskers—is a natural step for us to provide greater value to the food and beverage manufacturers we serve as they work to effectively and transparently meet consumer demands.”

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