L-Carnitine for Active Millennials is “Untapped Business Opportunity,” Survey Suggests


A new online survey commissioned by Lonza suggests most active Millennial consumers are either using L-carnitine currently or would be interested in using it.

Photo © iStockphoto.com/mediaphotos

Photo © iStockphoto.com/mediaphotos

New online survey results shared by Lonza (Basel, Switzerland) suggest active Millennials represent a “significant untapped business opportunity” for expansion of the L-carnitine market. That’s because most active consumers aged 18–35 are either currently using L-carnitine or would be interested in using it, based on the survey findings.

Independent researchers surveyed 202 Millennial consumers in the United Kingdom who exercise at least three times per week about their attitudes and behaviors in terms of dietary supplement usage-particularly regarding L-carnitine. Lonza, which produces and markets Carnipure brand L-carnitine, commissioned the survey and published the findings in a recent report.

According to Lonza, 39% of consumers surveyed reported currently using supplements containing L-carnitine, primarily for benefits related to sports nutrition such as exercise recovery, increased energy, weight management, improved endurance, and/or muscle building.

But in terms of room for the market to grow, it’s the 52% of respondents who said they had never used L-carnitine that are the most interesting. While 81% of the non-users stated they had never heard of L-carnitine, once the researchers explained the benefits of L-carnitine to them, 76% of non-users stated they were “now more likely to introduce it to their dietary supplement regime,” Lonza noted.

“Our market research highlights a unique new business opportunity among non-users of L-carnitine,” said Jeff Della Valle, marketing manager of nutrition for Lonza and co-author of the report. “After some aided awareness of the supplement’s benefits, these consumers were asked if they would be more likely to use it in the future and, encouragingly, more than three quarters of them said they would. This finding means dietary supplement companies have an opportunity to tap into this goodwill towards L-carnitine with high-quality products backed by the trusted Carnipure brand.”

L-carnitine helps the body metabolize fat, primarily by transporting long-chain fatty acids to cells so they can be broken down to generate energy, Lonza explained in its announcement.

Ilya Zhivkovich, global head of marketing for Lonza Nutrition, added that Lonza views Millennials as a “high-priority target for sports-nutrition supplements,” and that L-carnitine offers “valuable benefits that resonate with today’s Millennial consumers.”


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