KIND Unveils Pressed Bars with Five Ingredients or Less


Some of the new bars have as few as three ingredients, with metalized-film packaging designed to make up for the absence of binders and preservatives.

Image provided by KIND.

Image provided by KIND.

It’s tough to imagine a simpler clean-label nutrition bar than one that has only five ingredients, especially when those five ingredients are pear, apple, carrot, apricot, and beet. That’s exactly what consumers will find in the new Pressed by KIND nutrition bars from snacks brand KIND, with some of the bars containing as few as three ingredients.

One of the most remarkable achievements in the new Pressed bars is the absence of added sugars, preservatives, and binding ingredients typically used to prevent nutrition bars from falling apart.

“By pressing the fruit, veggies, and chia together, we were able to achieve a product made without ingredients that bind together traditional snack and nut bars,” Joe Cohen, senior vice president of communications at KIND, tells Nutritional Outlook.

Although the new bars have a 12-month shelf life and they do not need to be stored any differently from other nutrition bars, they are more sensitive to light, oxygen, and moisture that most nut and grain bars, Cohen says. But KIND was able to address these sensitivities with special packaging.

“The metalized film in this packaging protects the integrity of the ingredients and helps to ensure the best product quality possible while maximizing shelf life,” Cohen says. “The packaging also makes it possible for us to avoid adding artificial ingredients and fillers, and it even has an extra layer added to avoid stickiness.”

There are five different flavors of the Pressed bars: mango apple chia, pineapple coconut chia, pineapple banana kale spinach, apricot pear carrot beet, and cherry apple chia.

KIND’s Pressed bars are currently available online. They will hit retail shelves this August.


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Michael Crane
Associate Editor
Nutritional Outlook Magazine

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