KIND Publishes Added Sugar Content of Its Snacks


Two years ahead of FDA’s deadline to list added sugars on nutrition labels, KIND has posted the published the added sugar content of more than 60 of its products on its website.

Image provided by KIND.

Image provided by KIND.

We’re still nearly two years away from FDA’s deadline for food manufacturers to begin listing added sugar content on product labels, but at least one major snacks brand is already acting with the new requirements in mind. KIND announced yesterday it had published the added sugar content of more than 60 of its products online, making it one of the first major food brands to use the new disclosure requirement as part of a marketing campaign.

“Our approach at KIND is to provide consumers with straightforward information about what they’re putting into their bodies, so for us, publishing the added sugar content in our snacks is a natural next step in our ongoing commitment to transparency,” says Daniel Lubetzky, founder and CEO of KIND, in the disclosure announcement.

On May 20, FDA unveiled the new Nutrition Facts label for packaged foods and beverages, which will require manufacturers disclose added sugars starting on July 26, 2018 (although smaller companies have an additional year to comply). Previously, the label only required companies list a total sugar amount that combined added sugars and naturally occurring sugar.

In response to the new labeling requirement, KIND says its online disclosure of added sugar content is meant to foster transparency and show the work KIND has already done to cut down on added sugars in its products. For instance, KIND is working to reformulate seven of its fruit and nut bars so they contain between 14% and 56% less added sugar than previous recipes. And earlier this year, KIND debuted the new Pressed by KIND ingredient bars that contain minimal ingredient lists and no added sugar whatsoever.

“Always using a nutrient-dense food like nuts, whole grains, or fruit as our first ingredient and striving to make products that are low glycemic are among the standards that guide our product innovation,” says Stephanie Perruza, health and wellness specialist at KIND, in the announcement. “As we look to the future, we’ll continue to stand by these principles when creating new snacks made with wholesome, recognizable ingredients.”

KIND says it will begin listing added sugar content on actual product packaging beginning next year.


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