Kerry predicts 2023 flavor and ingredient trends

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Ingredient supplier Kerry has unveiled its 2023 Kerry Taste and Nutrition Charts predicting the year’s food and beverage flavor and ingredient trends.

Ingredient supplier Kerry has unveiled its 2023 Kerry Taste and Nutrition Charts predicting the year’s food and beverage flavor and ingredient trends.

Spotlight on Sriracha

The report highlighted spicy Thai sriracha as its own leading trend. The report cites 2022 data from the Innova New Products Database showing that the number of sriracha products worldwide grew 45% between 2007 and 2021.

The report also highlights the sophisticated evolution of sriracha. Whereas sriracha used to be a standalone flavor, it is now blended with multiple ingredients like lemongrass, coconut, and coriander.

Up-and-Coming and Emerging Flavors

Kerry’s forecast is most intriguing whenever it highlights “up-and-coming flavors” (the top-20 fastest-growing flavors for the past 3 years) and “emerging flavors” (the top-20 fastest-growing flavors in the last year).

Up-and-Coming Flavors

Sweet: Cappuccino, brown sugar, gingerbread, white chocolate, grape, lime, brownie, passion fruit, cheesecake, pineapple, S’mores, cookie dough, French vanilla, Madagascar vanilla, marshmallow, sea salt, strawberry & cream, butterscotch, raspberry, bacon

Salty snacks: Honey mustard, toffee, white chocolate, dill, spicy barbeque (North Carolina), peanut butter, apple, wasabi, sweet barbeque (Kansas City), habanero chili, parmesan cheese, Himalayan salt, smoky barbeque (Texas) Mozzarella cheese, tomato, buffalo, tangy barbeque (South Carolina), chipotle chili, pumpkin/pumpkin spice, romano cheese

Savory: Pepperoncini, kimchi, red pesto, spicy barbeque (North Carolina), herbs de provence, smoky barbeque (Texas), buffalo, sweet-and-sour, truffle mushroom, miso, Szechuan, saffron, sage, Romano cheese, masala, Korean barbeque, sweet heat/sweet (sweet and spicy), tandoori, blue cheese, tangy barbeque (South Carolina)

Beverages (Water and Cold): Hibiscus, apricot, almond, marshmallow, fig, yuzu, lychee, rhubarb, cayenne pepper, elderberry, rose, maple, chamomile, pumpkin/pumpkin spice, lemongrass, plum, prickly pear, guava, dragon fruit, lavender

Beverages (Dairy and Hot): White chocolate, jasmine, lemongrass, brown sugar, lavender, maple, pecan nut, dark chocolate, cocoa, cranberry, rose, blood orange, gingerbread, cookies and cream, almond, peanut butter, elderberry, cinnamon bun, apple cinnamon, ube

Emerging Flavors

Sweet: Cream cheese, truffle chocolate, dulce de leche, pomegranate, buttermilk, churro, green apple, lemonade, wildberry, matcha tea, black cherry, key lime pie, nougat, fig, blackberry, pecan nut, tangerine, toffee, watermelon, macadamia nut

Salty snacks: Birthday cake, caramelized onion, sesame, sweet heat/sweet & spicy, peppermint, maple, bacon, roasted bell pepper, Korean barbeque, feta cheese, soy sauce/tamari, Asiago cheese, truffle mushroom, mango, salted caramel, taco flavoring/seasoning, gouda cheese, salsa, basil, churro

Savory: Espresso/coffee, banana pepper, sweet onion, tonkatsu flavoring/seasoning, nutmeg, wasabi, pickle, kung pao, mustard, lemongrass, cloves, Sloppy Joe–flavoring/seasoning, Swiss cheese, coriander, adobo flavoring/seasoning, apple, soy sauce, Nashville Hot, furikake, pumpkin/pumpkin spice

Beverages (Water and Cold): Root beer, toffee, daiquiri, espresso, sour cherry, margarita, cream soda, red grapefruit, mimosa, pink lemonade, bubble gum, pickle habanero chili, Cosmopolitan, mojito, brownie, blue raspberry, Mandarin, green tea, dark chocolate

Beverages (Dairy and Hot): Cardamom, cherry, crème brulee, fennel/anise, orange, toffee, black pepper, Bourbon whiskey, spearmint, wildberry, churro, passion fruit, licorice, hibiscus, turmeric, Macchiato coffee, horchata, matcha, lime, fig

View the full taste charts here, including Kerry’s trend predictions for other cuisines and nutritional ingredients.