Kemin introduces water-dispersible versions of algae-based BetaVia beta-glucans for immune health


The company is offering BetaVia in two new water-dispersible versions.

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Kemin Industries (Des Moines, IA) has introduced water-dispersible versions of its BetaVia immune health ingredients. BetaVia is a beta-glucan derived from algae (Euglena gracilis). Now, there are two new water-dispersible versions of the company’s BetaVia Pure and BetaVia Complete ingredients.

BetaVia Complete is the company’s whole-algae fermentate ingredient containing more than 50% algae-sourced beta-glucans plus protein and essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Meanwhile, BetaVia Pure is “the highest purity of beta-glucan currently available on the market, with greater than 95% beta 1,3 glucans,” the company’s press release says.

The new BetaVia Pure WD and BetaVia Complete WD ingredients offer formulators numerous benefits. “Since beta 1,3 glucans are naturally insoluble, formulating them for drink mixes, sachets, or other applications that require water dispersion can be challenging. By addressing these obstacles, the new water-dispersible BetaVia product form delivers improved results.”

In the press release, Kemin Human Nutrition and Health’s global product manager, Chris Sadewasser, said, “The rising interest in nutritious, functional, and sustainable ingredients for food and dietary supplements makes algae a more attractive option.” BetaVia ingredients are suited for tablets and capsules; beverages, syrups, and liquids; gummies and chews; powders and stick packs; and softgels.

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