Inventia Healthcare launches new nutraceutical brand, Nutriventia


Inventia Healthcare, a novel drug delivery solutions manufacturer, launched its Nutriventia nutraceutical ingredient brand.


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Inventia Healthcare (Mumbai, India), a novel drug delivery solutions manufacturer, launched its Nutriventia nutraceutical ingredient brand. It was founded on four pillars comprising its corporate philosophy: trendsetting, transparency, talent nurturing, and total responsibility and accountability. Nutriventia offers enhanced ingredients with better clinical and therapeutic benefits and delivers the most relevant bioactives by applying Nutriventia’s novel drug delivery platforms to further improve ingredient benefits.

The initial portfolio consists of six proprietary ingredients substantiated by science:

  • TurmXTRA60N: low-dose bioequivalent curcuminoids
  • C-Fence: single-dose all-day vitamin C
  • BsRx60N: taste-masked and water-dispersible Boswellia for gut health
  • Unstain: stain-resistant 95% turmeric granules
  • CaffXtend: single-dose all-day natural caffeine
  • Keto-HiMCT: long-lasting sustainable energy 

“We realized that our technology platforms are well-suited for many more applications beyond pharmaceuticals, namely in the nutraceutical and food ingredient categories,” said Vishal Shah, Nutriventia’s director, in a press release. “Our analysis of the nutraceutical market further confirmed our belief, which led to our focused activity during the past three years to develop nutraceutical and food ingredients.”

Nutriventia was designed to offer differentiated, value-added branded ingredients suitable for a variety of applications, including tablets, capsules, gummies, gums, beverage powders, and more.

“We understand the science, go-to-market strategy and communications process, as well as the customer base, is quite different from pharma, so we created a separate identity within Inventia,” Shah said. “Nutriventia is focused on nutrition by bringing nature and science together for the benefit of both the customer and consumer.

“We have a clear focus to enhance benefits for the end consumer, like converting a product that needs to be administered two to three times a day to a single dose, improving taste, or creating a specific delivery system,” Shah continued. “We also achieve this by incorporating clean, diet-based inactive ingredients as much as possible, which are product features absolutely necessary for today’s discerning consumers.”

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