Ingredion launches Ticaloid Acacia Max high-performance emulsifier


Ingredion Inc. launched Ticaloid Acacia Max, a high-performance emulsifier for beverages and concentrates.


Image courtesy of Ingredion

In the United States and Canada, Ingredion Inc. (White Marsh, MD) launched Ticaloid Acacia Max, a high-performance emulsifier that overcomes the limitations of traditional acacia by stabilizing a range of emulsions, even at high oil loads, lowering formulation and production costs, and improving labels on consumer products.

“While traditional acacia is limited to an oil loading capacity of roughly 12% and requires high usage levels of emulsifier, Ticaloid Acacia Max can be utilized to double the oil load while simultaneously reducing emulsifier usage levels,” said Derek Holthaus, Ingredion’s senior principal scientist, systems and ingredients solutions North America, in a press release. “With Ticaloid Acacia Max, beverage manufacturers can now create emulsions with high oil loads at lower usage levels. In addition, Ticaloid Acacia Max can stabilize emulsion concentrates with oil loads up to 24%, increasing productivity, reducing production and transportation costs and decreasing water usage.”

According to Ingredion, the new emulsifier can match the functionality of traditional acacia at up to 70% lower usage levels, helping formulators cut costs. It also offers a more stable particle size over time in various environmental conditions, which improves overall shelf-life stability, maintaining colors and flavors in beverages and concentrate applications. And, since the emulsifier can stabilize emulsions without the use of weighting agents, formulators can make shorter ingredient declarations.

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