Ingredion launches organic line of native starches


Ingredion Inc. launched three new organic native starches.


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Ingredion Inc. (Westchester, IL) launched three new organic native starches: Purity Bio 201 organic native corn starch, Purity Bio 301 organic native tapioca starch, and Purity Bio 805 organic native waxy rice starch for the United States and Canada.

“The launch of Purity Bio organic native starches builds on Ingredion’s two decades of experience in clean-label leadership,” said Jim Low, Ingredion’s vice president and general manager, systems and ingredients solutions, in a press release. “Our continued investment in an organic supply chain provides food manufacturers with an extensive range of certified organic ingredients to help them attract today’s mindful consumers.”

These certified-organic starches can help manufacturers build a clean label by replacing undesirable ingredients in current products and creating new products with shorter ingredient lists using familiar names such as corn, rice, and tapioca to enhance product appeal and cost savings. They are ideal for a wide range of organic food applications, including dairy and non-dairy yogurt, soups, sauces, dressings, frozen and refrigerated ready-meals, meats, batters and breadings, bakery, and confectionery products such as gummies.

Purity Bio organic native starches impart a bland flavor in food systems. They can be dropped into the same food processes where conventional native starch counterparts are used without any change in functionality or formulation. 

The corn and tapioca starches exhibit a smooth, short texture when hot, set to an opaque gel when cooled (7% concentration), and form a strong gel after cooled in a cooked dispersion. The rice starch offers superior freeze/thaw stability, high viscosity, excellent water-holding capability, strong adhesion and binding properties, and is characterized by a white color and bland flavor. 

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