Ingredients Online adds ingredient supplier Caldic to its B2B ecommerce platform


One of Caldic’s best-known offerings is its Double-Acting Baking Powder, which is now sold in bulk at

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B2B ingredients ecommerce platform Ingredients Online (Cerritos, CA) now includes ingredients from Caldic (the Netherlands), an ingredients distributor serving the food, nutrition, personal care, and companion animal markets.

One of Caldic’s best-known offerings is Double-Acting Baking Powder, which is now sold in bulk at “Caldic’s Double-Acting Baking Powder gets its name from containing two types of acid, which react at different times during the mixing and baking process,” explains an Ingredients Online press release. “With its favorable reaction profile for gas development, this proven, aluminum-free blend provides excellent rise and volume, thereby contributing to a superior appearance and texture.” Applications include cakes, cupcakes, muffins, cookies, brownies, crackers, pizza crust, tortillas, and more.

Lariza Lopez de Leon, Caldic’s product manager for bakery and incremental packaging, added, “Caldic Double-Acting Baking Powder is one of our versatile leavening systems under our TruSol brand. It functions well in a wide range of products being designed and formulated with the appropriate ingredients to deliver a dual leavening action during mixing and over the entire baking and cooking process. The balanced formulation lends the product to perform well and improves the volume as well as appearance and texture in various applications.”

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