Infant nutrition ingredient MFGM sees growing awareness, says Arla Foods


Milk fat globule membrane (MFGM) is an important part of breast milk-and now, infant formula.

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Milk fat globule membrane (MFGM) is an important part of breast milk. It comprises phospholipids, glycolipids, proteins, and glycoproteins. MFGM made from whey is still a newer ingredient in the infant formula market and allows formulators to further attempt to close the nutrition gap between breastmilk and formula. While the ingredient is still emerging, according to a recent survey conducted by Arla Foods Ingredients (Basking Ridge, NJ), awareness of the importance of MFGM formulations is growing.

The company says it commissioned the survey on 5,500 pregnant women and mothers across seven countries (China, France, Germany, Indonesia, South Korea, UK, and United States). The survey found that as many as 20% of respondents were aware of MFGM, with awareness highest in China, where 28% of respondents had heard of MFGM and 43% of Chinese mothers said they would prefer an infant formula containing MFGM.

More ingredient companies are now offering MFGM ingredients. Arla Foods Ingredients now offers a branded ingredient called Lacprodan MFGM-10. “With MFGM still relatively new in the market, Lacprodan MFGM-10 offers an excellent opportunity for formula companies to achieve differentiation and an early mover advantage,” said Manel Romeu Bellés, industry marketing manager, Arla Foods Ingredients, in a press release.

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