Indena introduces extra-bioavailable versions of cranberry and berberine ingredients


The company showcased the new ingredients at May’s Vitafoods Europe trade show.

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Indena (Milan) is promoting two new ingredients it developed using its Phytosome enhanced-bioavailability technology. One is a cranberry ingredient called Anthocran Phytosome, and the other is a berberine ingredient called Berbevis. The company showcased the new ingredients at May’s Vitafoods Europe trade show.

Phytosome is a delivery matrix that uses food-grade lecithin excipients to enhance bioavailability. As the company describes, “Phytosomes are molecular formulations in which phospholipids act as vectors for natural active ingredients that are insoluble and tend to self-aggregate, such as polyphenols, terpenes, or saponins. By recreating kinetic aspects lost during purification, Phytosomes determine a significant increase in ingredients’ bioavailability.”

The new cranberry ingredient is called Anthocran Phytosome, which is standardized to proanthocyanidins and contains a full-polyphenolic profile of natural cranberry, including its flavanols, anthocyanins, and phenolic acids. The company says a recent pilot study1 supported the safety and benefits of Anthocran Phytosome for urinary tract health.

The berberine ingredient, Berbevis, “is a new and innovative Phytosome composition applied to Berberis aristate to face the issue of berberine’s poor bioavailability and optimize the extract’s health benefits.” The company says, “Clinical evidence shows that Berbevis is a potent, natural health-food ingredient that might help blood sugar control in a plethora of multifactorial challenges, which represent one of our time’s main global health targets.”


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