Immune-support supplement features curcumin complex to fight oxidative stress


The brand 24hr Supplement has launched a new supplement product for immunity featuring the company’s flagship TurmiZn-OS curcumin ingredient complex.

Photo from ProbioticSmart LLC

Photo from ProbioticSmart LLC

Dietary supplements company ProbioticSmart LLC (Menomonie, WI) has launched a new supplement in its 24hr Supplement product line to support immune health. The product features the company’s patent-pending, curcumin-based ingredient, TurmiZn-OS, which was designed to support the body against free radical damage that the company says can cause oxidative stress, ultimately adversely affecting the immune system.

The company says its scientists developed the TurmiZn-OS molecule, which bonds curcumin, zinc, and the curcumin metabolite tetrahydrocurcumin. According to the company, this curcumin complex is more stable and can therefore be absorbed by the body up to five times more effectively than curcumin alone. It is also said to be up to 65 times better than curcumin alone at scavenging free radicals. The complex is patent-pending, the firm says.

All of the 24hr Supplement products feature TurmiZn-OS. This newest supplement launch, Immunity, also features ingredients such as black elderberry, vitamin C, vitamin D3, phycocyanin, ferulic acid, piperine, and selenium, which in combination support immune health and overall health.

“TurmiZn-OS is the heart of this formulation, which is the first, we believe, to maximize the health properties found in turmeric and solve its problems with solubility, stability, and bioavailability,” said Rajiv Lall, founder and CEO of ProbioticSmart and 24hr Supplement, in a press release.

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