Immune-Health Chewables Target Athletes Before, After Exercise


Valensa International’s new Immunum chewables contain beta glucan from German baker’s yeast, astaxanthin, Manuka honey, and an algae-derived lipopolysaccharide.

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Valensa International (Orlando, FL) is debuting a new chewable supplement product designed to boost the immune health of athletes before and after exercise. The new Immunum chewables, now under production and sent out for first deliveries, combine astaxanthin, New Zealand Manuka honey, 1, 3 beta glucan from German brewer’s yeast, and an algae-derived lipopolysaccharide. The sugar- and caffeine-free chewables are meant to be taken before a workout, but may be taken after exercise as well, according to Valensa.

Rudi E. Moerck, PhD, president and CEO of Valensa, notes that numerous studies have found the human immune system hits its weakest point of the day immediately following exercise. That’s why Immunum is designed to begin working within 1-2 hours of supplementation and continue working during exercise and recovery, potentially offsetting some of the immune-lowering effects of working out.

“Most people don’t realize that working out in a gym or other public places actually exposes you to a greater risk of illness because your immune system is compromised during and after exercise and work-outs,” says Rudi E. Moerck, PhD, president and CEO of Valensa. “Immunum has been formulated to help boost the immune response of people who are engaged in intensive training-but the ingredient can help people of all ages in everyday life.”

While Immunum’s 1,3 beta glucan from German brewer’s yeast is meant to enhance the body’s innate immune system, the algae-derived lipopolysaccharide stimulates the adaptive immune system, Valensa explains. The chewable’s other component ingredients, Zanthin astaxanthin and Manuka Honey, are meant to prevent oxidative stress and provide extra energy, respectively.

Valensa adds that in vitro and ex vivo clinical trials are currently underway that will “directly compare Immunum with commercially available competitive products by directly measuring the known biomarkers associated with human immunity.”


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