IFF Health launches resource hub to promote microbiome innovation


Photo © Shutterstock.com/mimagephotography

Photo © Shutterstock.com/mimagephotography

IFF Health launched a website designed to showcase the expanded capabilities of the newly merged IFF Health and Howaru businesses and provide brand partners and co-manufacturers deep technical insights, updated market intelligence, and comprehensive microbiome innovation resources. 

“Whether you’re just getting started in the microbiome space or you’re an established manufacturer, product intelligence is a value-add,” said Natalia Melo, North America commercial marketing manager, IFF Health, in a press release. “Our goal was to create a go-to hub that empowers brands to understand the full life cycle of a strain and formulation development and equip them with the resources needed to feel confident in formulating their next-level product.”

The site features a monthly podcast series, “What’s the Gut?” that focuses on microbiome innovation and intelligence, targeting emerging brands and product categories, and on-demand immersive virtual educational summits with content that addresses users’ market needs. These on-demand summits include:

  • Emerge: Gives emerging brands the keys to unlock potential growth and sustainability in a competitive market.
  • Evolve: Investigates the latest microbiome innovations for established manufacturers.
  • Empower: Equips co-manufacturers with essential solutions to expand their brand in a rapidly evolving marketplace.

Brand owners can also personalize their products and explore probiotics and botanicals combinations with IFF’s market-ready health and wellness solutions at the IFF Health Concept Lab.

“The revamped site provides customized resources including regulatory and technical expertise and support for supplement co-manufacturers seeking to develop innovative formulations for their customers,” said Jennifer Montgomery, global brand manager, IFF Health, in a press release. “By helping users expand their knowledge of emerging strains and formulations, we’re equipping them with the strategies needed to succeed in the ever-evolving health and wellness space."

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