Highly Stable, Highly Concentrated Omega-3 Algal Oil Launching at Vitafoods Europe


Polaris will be introducing its new Omegavie DHA 650 Qualitysilver5 highly concentrated omega-3 algal oil, which harnesses the company’s Qualitysilver technology to prevent oxidation and rancidity.

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Polaris (Pleuven, France), a company that specializes in functional lipids, is launching a new highly stable, highly concentrated omega-3 algal oil that harnesses the company’s Qualitysilver technology, which prevents oxidation and rancidity. Polaris will introduce its new Omegavie DHA 650 Qualitysilver5 highly concentrated omega-3 algal oil at the Vitafoods Europe trade show, held this year from May 15-17 in Geneva, Switzerland.

Omegavie DHA 650 Qualitysilver5 is produced entirely in France from sustainable sources of microalgae, Polaris says, and is formulated using the company’s Quicksilver process, which helps prevent pro-oxidation and degradation and helps preserve the shelf life of polyunsaturated fatty acids. Qualitysilver5, the latest generation of this technology, was specifically designed for DHA omega-3.

Polaris says that Omegavie DHA 650 Qualitysilver5 is “about four times more stable than standard algal oil,” according to internal results based on Rancimat tests comparing Omegavie DHA 650 Qualitysilver5 with standard oils, including tocopherols.

The Quicksilver technology helps to maintain the sensory properties of the oil. Because the oil is highly stable, the company says, its nutritional, flavor, aroma, and mouthfeel qualities are preserved. The company adds that due to its neutral organoleptic properties, Omegavie DHA 650 Qualitysilver5 is ideal for use in dietary supplements, as well as in food preparations such as dressings, oils, and milks.

Polaris will also debut what it calls its new “sensory” concept, demonstrating for attendees how its Omegavie oils offer organoleptic benefits, such as low taste and flavor impact, for specific kinds of finished product applications such as gummies and syrups. The concept is the result of internal and external sensory testing, conducted via two testing panels.

In addition to the new Omegavie DHA 650 Qualitysilver5 algae oil, Polaris’ ingredient range includes marine and algae oil softgels, DHA and EPA marine-based powders, and a variety of natural, concentrated, and ultra-concentrated marine-derived oils.



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