Google data show searches for “vegan” eclipsing searches for “keto” in the U.S. in 2022, according to food publication Chef’s Pencil


The popularity of a diet also differs by region, the publication states.

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Analysis of Google Adwords and Google Trends by food publication Chef’s Pencil indicates that online searches related to vegan diets outnumbered searches related to the keto diet in 2022 in the U.S. The publication looked at searches for vegan and keto in combination with words like diet and meal plan.

A Chef’s Pencil blog states, “Since 2018, keto has been America’s most popular diet, holding the crown for four consecutive years, according to Google Trends data. But that has come to an end as veganism came to outrank keto, and it’s now the most popular diet in the United States.” Vegan searches outranked searches for keto and far outranked searches for other diet terms like WeightWatchers, vegetarian diet, intermittent fasting, GOLO, paleo, Mediterranean Diet, Whole30, and Optavia.

The popularity of a diet also differs by region, the publication points out. For instance, searches for veganism were most common in coastal states like New York, New Jersey, and California as well as in the state of Oregon. Searches for keto, meanwhile, were still more popular in states like Mississippi, West Virginia, the Dakotas, Alabama, and Wyoming.

On the apparent rise of vegan searches, Chef’s Pencil noted that “veganism-related searches tend to stay consistently high throughout the year compared to other diet plans. And with climate change and animal cruelty continuing to be growing concerns on the public agenda, veganism is here to stay.”

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