GenM menopause-friendly symbol appears for first time on product packaging


GenM is an organization working with companies and retailers to make menopause-friendly products more accessible and identifiable on shelf.

Photo from Pura Collagen

Photo from Pura Collagen

Collagen supplements brand Pura Collagen is now the first retail brand to feature GenM’s M-Tick symbol on its packaging. As Nutritional Outlook previously reported, GenM is an organization that works with companies and retailers to make menopause-friendly products more accessible and identifiable on-shelf.

As Pura Collagen’s press release notes, “The M-Tick only applies to relevant, menopause-friendly products that meet GenM’s strict criteria.” The company said that it’s proud to be the first brand to feature the symbol on product packaging, noting, “After Boots conducted a successful trial last year with in-store and online merchandising, Pura Collagen becomes the first GenM partner to apply the logo to packaging.”

The M-Tick symbol aims to make it easier for women to visually identify menopause-friendly products. “GenM created the M-Tick in response to their groundbreaking research that revealed 78% of menopausal women wanted to buy products that support and relieve symptoms if labeled as menopause-friendly,” the Pura Collagen press release notes. “Sadly, only a third (36%) of menopausal women currently find it easy to navigate menopause-friendly products in-store. Additionally, nine in ten (91%) have never seen any marketing for such products, and 90% wish brands were more inclusive to the menopause.”

The M-Tick symbol now appears on Pura Collagen’s Balance supplement for menopause, as well as on its Glow+, Flex+, Sleep, and Protect products. “Offering the purest and most potent collagen blends, each Pura Collagen product targets different menopause and perimenopausal symptoms, including thinning hair, altered skin, changes in skin texture, nail changes, painful joints, loss of bone density, fatigue, and insomnia,” the press release states.

Photo from Pura Collagen

Photo from Pura Collagen

Pura Collagen said it joined the GenM initiative early on. “Pura Collagen has been creating solutions for menopausal women since launch,” said Jennifer Mo, Pura Collagen’s founder, in the press release. “We are loud and proud about how these women should be seen, heard, and supported. Menopause affects over 15.5 million women in the UK, which is one-third of the female population. Adding a symbol onto our packaging to help women navigate menopause-friendly products was a no-brainer.”

Heather Jackson, cofounder of GenM, added, “It’s so exciting that our M-Tick—the world’s first recognizable menopause symbol—will launch on Pura packaging, making it easy for consumers to find products that support the 48 symptoms and take control of their menopause. This is just the beginning for the M-Tick. We have over 20 partners in the process of deploying it, and we’re confident that within five years, it will be as recognizable as the vegan V. We look forward to seeing many more brands join this game-changing initiative.”

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