Gaia Herbs invites FDA to inspect facility and business practices in new marketing campaign


Called “FDA Invitation,” the campaign is launching messaging in various media outlets, including The New York Times.

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Herbal products company Gaia Herbs has kicked off a new marketing campaign extending an open invitation to FDA inspectors to audit the company’s facility and business practices. The campaign aims to highlight how confident the company is in the quality of its operations, spanning its ISO-certified laboratory, Regenerative Organic Certified farm, and B-Corporation certification.

“While the FDA has certainly visited Gaia Herbs before, this invitation is extended in an effort to raise industry and consumer awareness of the company’s dedicated people and rigorous processes, with a goal of elevating these stringent standards across the supplement industry,” the company’s press release states.

It adds: “Industry watchdogs and federal regulators play essential roles in protecting consumers, and Gaia Herbs has always respected and welcomed the role of external auditing in ensuring compliance.”

The marketing campaign was co-developed with advertising and marketing agency Baldwin&. Called “FDA Invitation,” the campaign is launching messaging in various media outlets, including The New York Times, paid and social media, and on Gaia Herbs’ own website. The campaign will provide a behind-the-scenes look at how Gaia’s products are grown, sourced, manufactured, and tested. Videos showcase the company’s onsite laboratories for product testing, and its manufacturing facility.

“Our research shows that consumers are confused about how to assess product quality and think that all herbal supplements are essentially created equal,” stated Jim Geikie, CEO of Gaia Herbs, in the press release. “For 35 years, Gaia Herbs has valued transparency and welcomed scrutiny of our rigorous processes and international methods. This invitation to the FDA dramatizes that commitment and helps to inspire consumer confidence and trust. We salute the FDA for their vital regulatory role as we do other industry watchdogs who exist to protect our consumers.”

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