Gadot Biochemical introduces new zinc gluconate for on-the-go nutrition


Gadot Biochemical Industries Ltd. introduced a new mineral ingredient offering, zinc gluconate.


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Gadot Biochemical Industries Ltd. (Haifa Bay, Israel) introduced a new mineral ingredient offering, zinc gluconate. Science supports its role in immune health and other physiological processes such as cell growth, wound healing, assists in utilization of vitamins, protein synthesis, and proper functioning of hormones. It is Kosher and Halal certified.

“A daily intake of zinc is required to maintain a steady state because the body has no specialized zinc storage system,” said Ohad Cohen, chief executive officer of Gadot Biochemical Industries, in a press release. “Numerous studies have shown that zinc deficiency can result in many wide-ranging conditions such as eczema, hair loss, mental illness, male impotence, impaired wound healing, anemia, post-natal depression, and nerve damage, among others. One way of discerning zinc deficiency is the development of white spots on fingernails.”

The ingredient is made with gluconic acid, which is a strong chelating agent, in addition to having high solubility, ease of processing, and a high content of zinc. “High solubility is an especially attractive trait of zinc gluconate when developing functional beverages and for food fortification, especially in the immune category, as well as in dental and personal care products,” Cohen added.

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