French Oak Extract Robuvit Is Caffeine Alternative?


Horphag Research says its new French oak-wood extract may support management of chronic fatigue syndrome and promote healthy liver function.

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Robuvit, a French oak-wood (Quercus robur) extract from Horphag Research (Hoboken, NJ), is now available in the United States following its 2015 launch in Europe. The new ingredient is named for the oak-wood roburins it is partially derived from, a class of tannins found in French oak trees. It also contains other French oak flavonoids and boasts a 40% polyphenol content.

Horphag Research, which also supplies the French maritime pine-bark extract Pycnogenol, says Robuvit may support management of chronic fatigue syndrome and promote healthy liver function.

“The research around Robuvit casts this French oak extract as a credible, natural caffeine alternative for consumers who are seeking to overcome general fatigue and increase everyday energy,” said Fred Pescatore, MD, nutraceutical consultant for Horphag Research. “It’s also an emerging option as a natural energy booster for sports and athletic performance.”

In two clinical studies, published in 20131 and 20152, Robuvit was found to significantly reduce many primary and secondary symptoms associated with chronic fatigue syndrome, with patients reporting decreased fatigue, higher energy, and improved mood without unwanted side effects.

“I’m especially interested in what the research on Robuvit indicates for those managing chronic fatigue syndrome, a devastating and complex disorder that affects millions,” Pescatore said. “Clinical research shows that Robuvit helps to combat nagging chronic fatigue symptoms such as loss of memory and concentration, poor sleep quality, headaches, and sore throat and extreme exhaustion.”

Horphag Research is also positioning Robuvit as a “natural detox option,” based on research showing it may decrease oxidative stress and normalize liver enzymes and albumin protein levels.


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Michael Crane
Associate Editor
Nutritional Outlook Magazine


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