For The Biome to launch three-product immune health system


For The Biome is launching a three-product system designed to support a wiser immune system.


Image courtesy of For The Biome

For The Biome (Dummerston, VT) is launching a three-product system designed to support a wiser immune system. The three products – Immune Therapy, Stress Therapy, and Gut Therapy –synergistically support the gut microbiome, nervous system, gut-lung axis, and gut-brain axis. Paul Schulick, master herbalist and founder of For The Biome and New Chapter, which he parted ways with after the company was acquired by Proctor & Gamble, designed these formulations based on his research and expertise.

“I designed these three products to train and nourish the nervous system, gut, and microbiome so they can support a wiser immune response,” Schulick said in a press release. “Immune health isn’t about strengthening one system in the body. The most effective and lasting results come from treating the body as a whole and interdependent communication system.”

The Immune Therapy and Stress Therapy products are infusions while the Gut Therapy product comes in a vegan capsule. According to For the Biome, invitro testing shows Immune Therapy balances immunomodulating markers within two hours, as it bathes the mouth and gut microbiome with a protective liquid infusion. Stress Therapy is a restorative infusion that soothes the immune system and nervous system and supports the gut microbiome. Gut Therapy is a fermentate featuring clinically studied prebiotics, postbiotics, para-probiotics, and live probiotics that support a resilient gut microbiome and its connection to immune, respiratory, and emotional health. 

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